Application Areas

The Burnt Orange Team is experienced in delivering solutions in many commercial business environments and can quickly adapt to new ones, no matter how unusual or complex the business model.  Our teams have worked on many diverse systems over the years, from small/medium sized companies through to corporates.

We can deliver in-house back-office applications, or deliver applications running in the cloud.

Whilst our systems are built around the very specific requirements of our clients, and each is invariably unique, the main application areas of our experience include: -

  • CRM
  • Order Processing
  • Speech
  • Web customer support
  • Call-centres
  • Supply Chain
  • Stock & Warehousing
  • Billing
  • MIS & BI
  • E-commerce
  • Multi-currency
  • Integration
  • multi-language

Check out our case studies for recent work or contact us and we can talk about how we can help your organisation.