Burnt Orange Designs was founded by Jerry Pett, a professional with some 30 years in technology solutions design, delivery and operations.  Having worked for suppliers and end-users in sales, design, delivery and operational support, he has seen pretty much every side of every fence, and brings invaluable insight for Burnt Orange clients.

With a passion for solving problems, insatiable curiosity, and a defiant attitude when told “it can’t be done” Jerry’s non-compromising attitudes to quality and commitment can make him a hard task master.  He has a loyal team who rise to the high standards that Jerry sets of himself and expects of others.

Jerry spent 10 years building and running a consultancy business working for clients such as Cadbury, Hewlett-Packard and Sony, before joining Dial-a-Phone as Head of Information Systems.  Whilst at Dial-a-Phone he and his team built call-centre, order processing and web solutions to support incredible company growth, peaking at around 1,300 staff with a turnover of £200m.  In addition to eCommerce applications for Dial-a-Phone he managed the development and delivery of an eCommerce platform for third party companies such as Three, Amazon, BT Mobile, Argos and Comet.  With the advent of ever changing commercials and squeezed margins he led the team that delivered speech recognition and speech synthesis integrated applications to transform the way Dial-a-Phone were able to deliver customer service.  He then worked for both Phones 4U and TATA before re-launching his consultancy business with Burnt Orange.

Jerry's LinkedIn profile can be found here.

To contact Jerry directly why not email him at jerry.pett@burntorangedesigns.com or call 0845 673 2890.

"Burnt Orange undertook a major full-time software project for my company, Jai Kudo, that stretched over two years. Jerry Pett combines top-level programming skill with perspicacity and a total dedication to the task in hand. He also boasts a commercial sensibility absent in the vast majority of IT people"

Jamie Holoran
Executive Managing Director - Jai Kudo